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Worthians in Property

Back in 1994 Richard Breen (StB’75) formed a business group for those Worthians whose careers embrace the world of property – with the aim of generating business between Worthians, as well as creating a forum for the renowned social skills of property people!

Over the years, the group has grown and now comprises agents, architects, contractors, developers, investors, property managers and surveyors. Many in the group have introduced business to each other, have worked together, and enjoyed social gatherings. The group has even had its own investment club where members have pooled small contributions to acquire various property shares and benefited from sufficient property nous to liquidate the portfolio before the downturn.

And as one of the sub-groups that we have established under the Worthians Group on LinkedIn, ‘Worthians in Property’ really has come into its own.

Any Worthian involved in the world of property is most welcome to join the group and we recommend that you follow the link at  – and join the Group if you’re not already part of it!