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Careers Support

Each year, as part of the School’s Academic and Cultural Enhancement (ACE) week programme, Worth School holds a Careers Fair for pupils in Year 12 (Lower 6th).  A group of speakers comprising Worthians, Friends of Worth and parents of current pupils give up a morning to talk to the pupils about what life is ‘really like’ in their particular career.

As Head of Careers, Dr Duncan Pring is always extremely grateful to those Worthians who participate in the Careers Fair and in July 2016 we had 4 Worthians come back to School to talk to students about their careers. We were delighted to welcome back our very first lady Worthian speaker at this event, Kitty Gibson (StA’12), who is involved in Event Management and spoke with authority about careers in Marketing in general.  Angus Lam (R’06) left Worth to study Economics at Bath and Durham Universities which has subsequently led to important roles in various areas and he was able to advise on the opportunities available to those students studying that subject. Mark Churchman (C’02) has had a varied career in Law, recently specialising in mergers and acquisitions, and gave a fascinating insight into the legal background to many of these big business deals. James Padolsey (R’08) works for Twitter and rather whimsically claimed that his IT career started at Worth as a freelance developer in his dorm!  IT is a huge growth area and we were most grateful to James for his insights into careers options in this field.

We are, inevitably, always looking for more Worthians to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation, so please do get in touch with Duncan Pring at if you would like to offer your services at future school Careers Fairs.