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Worth Society welcomes Bruised Reeds

It has been said that one of Worth’s particular strengths is its aftercare.  We like to keep in touch with our former pupils, and to hear of, or from, anyone who may be in need of help or support at any particular time in their lives.

Bruised Reeds is an initiative that was set up by the Old Gregorians (Downside) and taken up by Worth Society in 2002.  It was founded as a means of offering confidential support to those who may have fallen on hard times – as a result, for example, of experiencing financial hardship, depression, addiction to drugs or alcohol, criminal convictions, etc.

Please remember that:

  • Bruised Reeds can only help out when it is made aware of anyone who might be in need of help, advice or support
  • Bruised Reeds would like to know of any Worthian who would be willing to help act as a mentor to a fellow Worthian who might be in need of support.  It is very often one’s own contemporaries who can do the most to help

If you would like more information on how Bruised Reeds may be of service to you, or to someone that you know, please contact Fr Kevin Taggart in confidence on 01342 710338.

For information on how you might be able to help out and/or support Bruised Reeds contact Fr Kevin at