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Category Archives: Networking Events

2015 Careers Networking Evening

2015 Careers Networking Evening Half a year after graduating and still with little idea of what path my working life may take, the annual Worthian careers networking event, held on Thursday 8th January 2015, provided the perfect opportunity to speak to those who had already negotiated the murky waters between university and the world of […]

2015 City Lunch Attendees

We welcomed the following 40 Worthians and guests to the 2015 City Lunch:   Mary Lou Burge Abbot Luke Jolly (C’71) Dom Stephen Ortiger Dom Kevin Taggart   Tim Pethybridge (StB’71) Jeremy Fletcher (G’72) James Forte (C’72) Nick Barnett (G’73) Hugh Bett (B’73) Mark Lee-Barber (C’73) Liam Hammond (C’74) Anthony Morrissey (R’74) Dominic Quennell (C’74) […]

2013 Recent Leavers Network Event Review

2013: Recent Leavers’ London Networking Evening   January 2013 saw the Recent Leavers’ London Networking Evening return to the City. Hosted at the scenic riverside Samuel Pepys Bar and Restaurant, the event’s primary aim is to introduce ‘young’ Worthians seeking advice, to the ‘not quite so young’ who are already well established in business.  It […]

2013 City Lunch Review

2013 City Lunch Review It could easily have been mistaken for an audition for the ‘before shot’ of a Grecian 2000 commercial – but closer inspection revealed that the excited throng gathered together in the cellar restaurant of Vivat Bacchus on Thursday 7th March 2013, was no ordinary group of City grandees.  These were Worthians […]

2013: Recent Leavers Networking List of Attendees

2013 Recent Leavers Business Networking Evening – List of Attendees   John Barnes (StB’06) Dale Bellis (F’03) Michael Bilbe (StB’06) Thomas Bilbe (StB’06) Marco Boodramsingh (C’11) Chris Brown (C’05) Richard Brown (F’05) Jamie Bruce (G’04) James Cliffe (R’11) Richard Hayward (StB’06) Giles Heather (F’03) James Henwood (C’07) Nick Hopkins (G’05) Stefan Humphries (C’05) Chris Kelly […]