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News – August 2017

News – August 2017

A Message from Fr Stephen Ortiger:

Dear, very dear, Friends, Thank you for the lovely smoke signals, many and varied, that you sent me to mark my Golden Jubilee of priesthood; I am more touched than I can say. It was wonderful to see so many of you on August 19th (“A party for Me?” thought Pooh to himself. “How grand! ”) but, whether or not you were here that particular day, your love and support over the years has been, and remains, the greatest gift that I could possibly receive; thank you, thank you and thank you, in that order. Every blessing on you and your families, now and always. Love and prayers, Fr Stephen.

If you would like to hear Fr Stephen’s homily from his Golden Jubilee Mass on 19th August 2017 then click here.


Our huge congratulations go to Abbot Christopher Jamison who has been elected as Abbot President by the English Benedictine Congregation in succession to Abbot Richard Yeo following the General Chapter of the EBC held at Worth last month. Abbot Christopher who was Abbot of Worth from 2002-2010 has since then worked for the Bishops of England and Wales as Director of the National Office for Vocation. “Benedictine monks and nuns have been part of English culture for over a thousand years”, said Abbot Christopher, “my brothers and sisters have elected me to lead the Congregation in these times of great challenge and great opportunity. It is an honour and I look forward to helping our monasteries of monks and nuns in fulfilling their role as schools of the Lord’s service”.