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2015 City Lunch Attendees

We welcomed the following 40 Worthians and guests to the 2015 City Lunch:


Mary Lou Burge

Abbot Luke Jolly (C’71)

Dom Stephen Ortiger

Dom Kevin Taggart


Tim Pethybridge (StB’71)

Jeremy Fletcher (G’72)

James Forte (C’72)

Nick Barnett (G’73)

Hugh Bett (B’73)

Mark Lee-Barber (C’73)

Liam Hammond (C’74)

Anthony Morrissey (R’74)

Dominic Quennell (C’74)

Nigel Kennard (G’74)

Nick Butterworth (G’76)

Martin Green (C’76)

Mark Simpson (StB’76)

John Tate (G’76)

James Blake (B’77)

Chris Kelly (StB’78)

Michael Morrissey (R’78)

John Bennett (R’81)

Henry Thornton (B’81)

Patrick Morrissey (R’84)

Edward Horgan Goumas (C’85)

Sean Donnellan (StB’86)

Tim Ross (R’86)

Chris Rybak (B’86)

Mark Collini (StB’89)

James Maxwell-Scott (R’89)

Charles Gerada (R’90)

Chris Kelly (R’96)

Darran Smith (B’96)

Matthew Chan (R’98)

Alistair Myles (G’99)

Robert Stewart (B’99)

Edward Cooper (StB’00)

Nicholas Kelly (R’00)

Nicholas Michell (StB’03)

Michael O’Sullivan (R’07)