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2015 Careers Networking Evening

2015 Careers Networking Evening

Half a year after graduating and still with little idea of what path my working life may take, the annual Worthian careers networking event, held on Thursday 8th January 2015, provided the perfect opportunity to speak to those who had already negotiated the murky waters between university and the world of work.

Held in The Ship Pub, not far from Monument, the upper floor was filled with suited Worthians, name badges visible, drinks firmly in hand.  A truly diverse range of careers were represented by those attending, from banking and insurance, to the civil service and journalism.  All were at various stages in their working lives, from those still suffering from early morning commutes, to those made stoic from 30 years of 6am alarms.  As a result, we were able to get advice from people with a plethora of experiences, who could answer our questions in a relaxed, unpressurised environment.   Indeed, talk wasn’t just of careers, but stories of school mischief and how things had changed broke up the career questioning, making it clear that it was a Worthian evening.

A big thank you must go to Mary Lou, for organising the evening, and for making such an effort to ensure that those from industries recent leavers were interested in were present.  And, of course, thanks to all those professional Worthians for coming to talk to us; I’m sure those of us present will remember how useful their advice was, and return in a professional capacity to help future Worthians in the years to come.

Jessica Coffin (StM’10)