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Worthian Cycle Event Participants

Worthian Cyclists who participated in the inaugural London to Worth Cycle Ride

Kevin Clyde-Smith (G’70)

John Wild (C’70)

Harry Fisher (B’81)

Dominic Dring (G’82)

Jonathan Jenkins (G’82)

Charles de Viggiani (B’85)

Jamie Dunster (B’85)

Michael Gabriel (C’85)

Johnny Grieg (G’85)

Justin Weisweiller (C’85)

Dominic Bruning (StB’89)

Barry Cullen (StB’97)

Edward Simpson (G’97)

Tom Wild (C’97)

Edward Keelaghan (R’98)

David Micallef-Eynaud (B’98)

William Pasquali (StB’89)

Lorenzo Curci (B’00) –

James Pymont (B’00)

Luca Belpassi (G’01)

George Clyde-Smith (G’05) –

Rory Ryan (C’09)

Nicholas Elvidge (C’11)

Nick Gandy (R’11) –

Julia Hollis (StM’11)

Henry McNeil (B’11)

Tess Ryan (StM’11)

Jack Udale (B’11)

Mia Ryan (StM’13)

Toby Wild (R’15)

Alex Burge – Mary Lou Burge’s Husband

Harry Burge – Mary Lou Burge’s Son

Richard Butler – Friend of Will Pasquali

Emma Clyde-Smith – Kevin’s daughter

Ravi Sabharwal – Edward Simpson’s brother-in-law

Peter Hollis – Julia Hollis’s Father

Fr Martin McGee

Fr James Cutts