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Careers Networking 2015 Event Attendees


The following recent leavers and Worthian advisors attended the Careers Networking Event:

Tom Wood (B’07)

Alex Dungate (F’08)

Alexander Gill (StB’09)

Jessica Coffin (StM’10)

Maddy Ilsley (StM’10)

Dani Jeyes (StM’10)

Wilf Lytton (C’10)

Celia Young (StM’10)

Julia Hollis (StM’11)

Rebecca Bhargava (StA’12)

Aisling Dwyer (StM’12)

Kitty Gibson (StA’12)

Conor Keating (R’12)

Claire Hodkinson (StM’12)

Leonie Leuschner (StM’12)

Alice Rooke (StA’12)

Samuel Poynder (F’13)

Harry Kilhoury

Worthian Advisors

Jeremy Fletcher (G’72)

Patrick Holdich (G’74)

Mark Collini (StB’89)

Howard Brookman (G’93)

Ben Babington (G’96)

James Madsen (B’02)

Dan Pring (R’03)

Ed Long (G’03)

James Bannister (C’04)

Max Watson (F’05)

John Barnes (StB’06)

James Talty (StB’06)

Michael Bilbe (StB’06)

Dr Duncan Pring Head of Careers Worth School