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Worthians Football 2014 Match Report

Worthians Football 2014 Match Report

The 6th Annual Worthian Football Tournament took place on Sunday 23rd March 2014.  With a cool chill in the air but in bright sunshine, the four magnificient teams battled it out under the watchful eye of John Surtees OBE.  The School 1st XI, captained by current Head Boy Alex Davis White, beat the Worthian Under 21s, captained by ex-Head Boy Nicholas Elvidge (C’11), to retain the Henry Surtees Memorial Trophy with a 3-1 victory.  The two teams were evenly matched – there were a couple of absentees for the 1st XI – however this allowed our replacements from the bench to show their potential, with most noticeably Cameron Pring stepping up to score the winning goal.   Another noticeable achievement in this game was the presence of 4 brothers!! Two in each team. Mr and Mrs Rivers should be congratulated for their contribution and support to Worth School football, which will continue as Max (the youngest) enters the Sixth Form, whilst Olly has received a football scholarship to attend an American university. Theo showed how talented he is as a footballer with an outstanding free kick and Joe was as always the solid centre of the Old Boys midfield. It is hoped that I can tempt ‘The Mathews Four’ into appearing next year. It makes organising the fixture so much easier!!

The overall winners of the round-robin tournament for the Henry Surtees Award were the Under 21s squad with two wins over the Staff and the Over 21s teams.   I would like to thank Nick Elvidge for sorting out and captaining the under 21s and Mark Breen for doing the same for the over 21s. Their assistance makes my job so much easier. It proved to be a great afternoon’s football thanks to everyone who made the effort to turn up, it really is a special day, especially because John Surtees continues to support this venture. This year John celebrated two important dates, his 80th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his winning The Grand Prix title. John still remains the only man to have won world titles on both motorbike and motorcar which is why he won BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1965. We ended with a quick dash to the Pitstop for a well-earned post-match tea and presentation of the awards. 

Look forward to seeing you all next year on Sunday 22nd March 2015. All the (Georgie) Best.

Andy Taylor

The following Worthians played in the 2014 Football Tournament.

Under 21s

Rishi Amin (F’11)

Nicholas Elvidge (C’11) – Captain

Benedict Gardener (B’12)

Edmund Gritten (B’12)

Nick Gordon-Macleod (StB’12)

Conor Keating (R’12)

Tim Long (B’11)

John Manning (C’10)

Adam Mascarenhas (B’12)

Nick O’Dwyer (StB’11)

Joseph Rivers (F’10)

Theo Rivers (F’11)

Hugh Slater (B’12)

Over 21s

Mark Breen (B’05) – Captain

James Doyle (C’08)

Toby Ingram (B’06)

Matt Jeffery (C’10)

Julian Kirk (StB’75)

Ryan Lall (C’10)

Edward Michie (B’05)

Ben Oakley (F’08)

Tim Starkie (G’90)

James Talty (StB’06)

Andrew Talty (StB’08)

Joshua Taylor (B’05)

Tom Wade (F’08)

Jonathan Whitehead (StB’08)