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2014 Careers Networking Event

2014 Business Networking Evening

The 2014 Worth Society networking event took place at the Samuel Pepys Bar & Restaurant in the City of London on Wednesday 8th January 2014. Enticed by the prospect of a free drink at a picturesque setting on the River Thames and the chance to meet new people, I hadn’t appreciated quite how beneficial the evening would be towards my banking career plans.

As soon as I arrived I was struck by the diversity of industries represented by the experienced Worthians who had come along to chat amongst us. There were representatives from energy, insurance, film & television and finance to name but a few and they all had a genuine interest in our ambitions. The industry professionals varied from those who had recently started work, who not so long ago were standing in our shoes and therefore able to relate to us and give up-to-date advice on applying for careers, to the more established Worthians who were able to bust myths about certain industries and give tailor-made advice as to what steps we should be taking to shape our future careers.

I must say a big thank you to Mary Lou for organising the event and gathering the right contacts there, to all the experienced professional Worthians for taking the time to come and chat to us recent leavers, and to Nick Butterworth (’76) and Dan Pring (R’03) for acting as hosts. I made many new contacts in the banking industry and was given excellent advice about the necessary steps I will have to take to be successful in this field.

Ibrahim Sami (C’12)

“I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts in organising the Worth business network evening which was a great event. It was a pleasure to meet old friends and potential work contacts who were extremely helpful. I very much look forward to the next evening.” Kieran Vinycomb-Brown (B’04)

“It was a great event, seeing some faces I haven’t seen in a while and meeting other alumni and making new contacts at the same time.” Matthew Scotland (C’08)