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2012 Worthian Girls Hockey Match Report

2014 Worthian Girls Hockey Match Report

Following on from last year’s highly successful inaugural Worthian Girls hockey match versus Worth School’s 1st XI, this second match was very eagerly anticipated by us all.
On Sunday 9th September 2012, 10 Worthian Girls returned to Worth in an attempt to defend both their title and their
reputation! Once again, we were blessed with glorious weather as well as an eager crowd of spectators comprising parents, teachers and current students.
Whilst the Worth 1st XI consciously warmed up and prepared themselves for the forthcoming game, the Worthian girls excitedly exchanged news of the past year and their lives ‘beyond Worth’ before quickly organising themselves into a rather mismatched team with kit to match!
From the very first pushback, the Worthian girls dominated the first third of the match with their experience and skill resulting in two well-constructed goals. The first goal, scored within the opening few minutes, came as a result of effective team play and a powerful strike from Charlie Hutchinson from just inside the top of the D. This goal set the initial tone, with the oldies flying high and dominating.  A second goal, scored by former head girl Tess Ryan, followed quickly afterwards.
Moving on to the second third of the game, the Worthians battled amongst themselves to occupy the few desired and less mobile defensive positions as fitness – or rather lack of it! – began to show. This third of the game was a far more balanced affair with both teams holding possession and making runs up the pitch. The School 1st team were beginning to settle – and strong play on the wings from Hermione Wilkinson and Katie Kenwood resulted in a balancing out of the match.
In the final third, after a motivating team talk from Sam Clark, the current Worth 1st team increased their possession of the ball and the younger players really started to make their mark. The Worthians were now visibly struggling –probably as a result of their heady student lifestyles and lack of regular Worth fitness and games sessions! The Worth 1st team were starting to catch the Worthian girls off-guard and grasped every opportunity afforded them to run rings around their older counterparts with some very fast breaks up the wing. These strengthening attacks were rewarded halfway through the final third with a goal from Molly Cummins.
But, in the end, it proved to be experience that prevailed with a 2-1 victory to the Worthian girls.
Our grateful thanks to Sam Clark, head of girls games at Worth, for running and umpiring the event and to Olivia Henley for recruiting the Worthian girls’ team and making it all happen! It really was a lovely afternoon and we look forward to joining many more Worthian events both in the near and far distant future.
Alice Rooke (StA’12)