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2012/13 Season Worthian Rugby Players

The following 44 Worthians represented the Worthians RFC during the 2012/13 Season:

Andy Bayles (B’98)

Jack Bodkin (G’03)

Marco Boodramsingh (C’11)

Dom Bosher (R’08)

Nick Bottino (R’06)

Xavi Bottino (R’08)

Adam Braverman (G’05)

Mark Breen (C’05)

Chris Brown (C’05)

Richard Brown (F’05)

Jamie Bruce (R’04)

Ben Calnan (R’97)

Tom Calnan (R’95)

Rob Cottrell (R’97)

Kevin Danagher-Smith (StB’09)

Nick Elvidge (C’11)

Ben Green (G’03)

Giles Heather (F’03)

James Henwood (C’07)

Nick Hopkins (G’05)

Osaro Idemudia (B’09)

Simon Jukes (R’09)

Andrei Kanchelskis (StB’12)

Ed Kemp (F’10)

Harry Killoughery (R’12)

Chris Madsen (B’04)

James Madsen (B’02)

Daniele Manzi (R’09)

Tom Middlehurst (R’03)

Craig Monteiro (StB’05)

Phil Myles (G’02)

Alex Neville Smith (StB’10)

Eddie O’Hare (B’10)

Dave Osbourne (R’04)

Peter Osbourne (R’08)

Ben Parry (B’11)

Alex Podbury (C’04)

Tom Poynder (F’13)

Dan Pring (R’03)

Tony Riley (R’09)

Dom Rollo-Walker (R’09)

Rob Rooney (G’01)

Giles Sacarello (StB’08)

Warwick Symcox (R’07)