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2014: Events Archive

2014 Events


The 20 Year Reunion for the Class of 1989-1994 Leavers was held on Saturday 4th October 2014 at Montpeliano Restaurant, 13 Montpelier Street, London SW7 1HG.   Richard Dias Azedo very kindly co-ordinated this event which saw 10 Worthians sitting down to dinner with Nick Robinson joining as an honorary guest.


The 10 Year Reunion for the Class of 1999-2004 Leavers was held on Saturday 20th September 2014 at The Antelope Pub, 22 Eaton Terrace, London WS1W 8EZ.  Fred Bradley (R’04) and Elliot Webber (R’04) kindly agreed to co-ordinate this event and saw many old faces catching-up over drinks and a buffet.  Honorary guests included Fr Christopher, Fr Martin, Andrew Taylor, and Duncan Pring.  Fred set up a dedicated Facebook page as well as a special website for this event which includes content from that Year Book and a fun game to help you remember your fellow class mates.


The 30 Year Reunion for the Class of 1979-1984 Leavers was held on Saturday 20th September 2014 at Soho House’s Dining Room 19/21, Old Compton Street W1D 5JJ, London W1.  Angus Hamilton, Edward Hooper & Luan de Burgh kindly agreed to co-ordinate this dinner which had a great turnout, although Angus touchingly toasted absent friends.  It was also attended by Keith Owers and James Cockburn who said he “was love bombed and flooded with nostaglia for my time at Worth.  Truly it can be said – those were the days!”.


Old Rutherford Building Decommissioning Ceremony.  To mark this summer’s demolition of the Old Rutherford Building after 44 years of service, a very select gathering of Old Rutherfordians; Charles Gerada (R’90), Barney de Burca (R’96), Corrado di Mascio (R’96), Kevin Solan (R’90), David Wiehe (R’90) and Fred Bradley (R’04), as well as a St Bede’s Spectator – James Eade (StB’90) – returned to say one last farewell at a Decommissioning Ceremony held after Parish Mass on Sunday 13th July 2014.  Following a short reading ( Matthew, Chapter 7, 24-7) and a prayer given by Fr James, with a melancholic air memories were exchanged and the Cardboard Castle was blessed on its way!


The St Mary’s House 2014 Reunion was held at Worth School on  the evening of Wednesday 2nd July 2014.  19 former St Mary’s girls came back for a buffet and drinks reception and with Honorary Guest, Caroline Brown, flying in from Italy, there was much excited screaming of greetings and catching up with news.  Click here for full list of attendees.


The 40 Year Reunion for the Class of 1969-1974 was held on the evening of Thursday 26th June 2014 at Simon Gordon’s family wine bar – the oldest in London – in Villiers St, London WC2.  Although small in number, the quality of the attendees was exceptional with Simon Cope, Richard Dalton, Simon Gordon, Liam Hammond, Mark Madsen, Nick Rivlin and Dominic Quennell finally managing to recognise each other in the crowds of young and beautiful evening drinkers.  Fr Stephen kept order and a relaxed evening of wine and tapas was enjoyed by all.


The 50 Year Reunion for Founder Member Pupils who left in 1963 and 1964 was held on Thursday 26th June  at Worth School.  We were thrilled to welcome back 12 of our finest founder pupils; Bernard Elkington, Simon Slaughter, Patrick Baynham, Jeremy Best, Rodney Bligh, Terry Delaney, Mike Gilpin, Peter Jonas, John Muscat, Patrick Nivelles, Michael Setter and Nicholas Wynne who came back for a nostalgic school tour and lunch attended by Fr Kevin, Fr Philip and Fr Bede.


Our Annual City Networking Lunch was held on Thursday 6th March 2014 at Vivat Bacchus London Bridge, 4 Hays Lane, London SE1 2HB.  As the 54 guests spanning all the 5 Worthian decades arrived, the proceedings got off to a jolly start with drinks kindly supplied by Nick Barnett (G’73), Jewellery Consultant.  Following grace led by our first Worthian Abbot Luke Jolly (C’71), the buzz intensified as old friends got together and new business contacts were made while everyone tucked into the hearty terrine, steak and chips and chocolate tart.  After coffee, most disappeared back to their desks, as John Bennett (R’81) put it, “a tad ‘over-refreshed’ although he resisted the temptation to bat on unlike some others”.  Click here for full list of attendees.


The Recent Leavers’ Business Networking Evening took place on Wednesday 8th January 2014 at the Samuel Pepys Bar & Restaurant, Stew Lane, London EC4V 3PT.  A gathering of 27 Worthians, both recent leavers and experienced professionals spanning many industries, such as Film & Television Production to Energy, spent a pleasant evening chatting about career paths over a complimentary drink.  Ibrahmin Sami (C’12) found the event useful: “I attended the networking event last night and it was a huge success.  I got many  contacts and made new friends in the banking industry.  I was given excellent advice about the necessary steps I would have to take to be successful in my chosen career path.  Thank you for organising this event.”   Another recent leaver, Kieran Vinycomb-Brown also enjoyed this event “I just wanted to contact you to say thank you for your efforts in organising the Worth network evening which was a great event. It was a pleasure to meet old friends and potential work contacts which was extremely helpful.  I very much look forward to the next evening.”