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2013 : Worthian Girls Dinner List of Attendees

The Worthian Girls’ Dinner for 2010, 2011 and 2013 Leavers was attended by : 


Members of the Monastery and Staff : 

  • Fr Stephen
  • Caroline Brown
  • Julia Cook
  • Sarah Smith
  • Louise Taylor


Worthians : 

  • Olivia Barclay-Hudson (StM’10)
  • Tilly Butcher (StM’12)
  • Jess Coffin (StM’10)
  • Charlotte Cotterell (StA’12)
  • Alexandra Gorringe (StA’12)
  • Ruth Hodges (StM’12)
  • Kitty Gibson (StA’12)
  • Elizabeth Hill (StA’12)
  • Leonie Leuschner (StM’12)
  • Ellie Minch (StM’11)
  • Louise Moon (StM’12)
  • Sophie Nash (StM’11)
  • Sasha Richards (StM’11)
  • Maria Jover Santillana (StM’12)
  • Celia Young (StM’10)