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2013 : 1970-79 Reunion Intro

2013 : 1970-79 Leavers’ Dinner

What an evening the 1970-79 Leavers’ Reunion proved to be!  It took place on Thursday 16th May 2013 in the Mountbatten Room at the RAC in Pall Mall, London.  We welcomed a magnificent 95 Worthians, former staff members and Monks to this very special evening arranged for Worthians who left Worth School during the 1970s.  The evening positively hummed and the e-mails have been flooding in since – this one received from Anthony Morrissey (R’74) is very typical of the overall spirit and sentiment expressed by those who joined us : ”I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for organising such a great evening on Thursday. You could sense how much everyone was enjoying themselves, and that was a testament to both the natural good humour and friendly disposition of Worthians.  To be honest I had not planned on going to the dinner originally as it’s not generally ‘my sort of thing’, but when I saw the list of my contemporaries who had accepted, it made it much easier to sign up.  In fact I’d love to see them all again when perhaps we all reach the dreaded age of 60 – I suppose at least we’ll all be in the same boat!”  Click here to see the List of Attendees.