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2012 : Revisiting Worth 60 Years On Intro

2012 : Revisiting Worth 60 Years On!

The Jubilee Jamboree took place at Worth School on the afternoon of Saturday 26th May 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Organised by the Friends of Worth, the event brought together the whole School community for a giant street party-style day – with traditional attractions, high octane rides, a hog roast, barbeque and a host of family-friendly stalls for all to enjoy.  In the embryonic stages of the event’s organisation, it was decided that the day wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Worthians who attended Worth Prep School in 1952 and 1953 – covering both the year the Queen ascended the throne and her Coronation – and we had the joy of welcoming 25 Prep School Worthians, for a truly remarkable and memorable reunion event which we hosted in the Cowdray Room at Worth School.  “The greatly anticipated day of the Worth Jubilee Jamboree dawned as a wonderful  bright summer’s day, and the excitement mounted as noon approached and the guests arrived to see the huge preparations that had been made … …” read more.  Click here to see List of Attendees.