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2011 : Recent Leavers’ Networking Review

2011 : Recent Leavers’ London Networking Evening

September 2011 saw the Recent Leavers’ London Networking Evening return to the City for the second year, and our aim is to ensure this event becomes a permanent fixture on the Worthians annual Calendar.  

Hosted at the scenic riverside Samuel Pepys Bar and Restaurant, the event’s primary aim is to introduce ‘young’ Worthians seeking advice, to the ‘not quite so young’ who are already well established in business.  It provides a perfect opportunity to network in an informal environment and to learn about new professions, discuss old ones, as well as to meet Worthians who work across a wide range of professions.

We encourage all recent leavers who plan to attend the evening to let Olivia know the areas of business that are of particular interest to them, so that we can encourage representation from Worthians who work in that specific area.

Following on from requests received this year; we saw careers in finance, insurance, property, law and the media covered.  Everyone came away from the evening having gained much from the opportunity to network informally and inevitably – as is always the case when Worthians gather together – having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening (albeit helped along by Worth Society’s generosity behind the bar!).

We really are hoping to push the numbers up for our next gathering – particularly amongst our university cohorts and more recent school and university leavers.  So, if you fall into this group, please do come along and join us; it is, after all, you that will gain the most benefit from attending this event.

Daniel Pring (R’03)