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2011 : Recent Leavers’ Networking Evening List of Attendees


The following attended the 2011 Recent Leavers’ Networking Evening :


Working Generation : 

  • Ben Babington (G’96)     Jackson Stops & Staff (property)
  • Andy Bayles (B’98)     Law
  • Christian Bruning (StB’88)     Greshams (private equity)
  • Howard Brookman (G’93)     Bloombergs (business and financial news info)
  • Nick Butterworth (G’76)     Jackson Stops & Staff (property)
  • Ben Elwes (G’81)     CIG (investment management)
  • Charlie Gerada (R’90)     JGR Law (commercial law)
  • Greg Pickard (StB’81)     Hampton’s International (property)
  • Jonathan Sharpe (B’84)     Ratio Asset Management (hedge fund management)


Younger Generation : 

  • John Barnes (StB’06)
  • Dale Bellis (F’03)
  • Marco Boodramsingh (C’11)
  • Joe Bradley (F’09)
  • Sam Bradley (F’09)
  • Tom Butter (B’04)
  • George Calvert (C’09)
  • Alonso Caro (R’06)
  • Mark Corbyn (R’04)
  • Anthony Garai (StB’11)
  • Ben Green (G’03)
  • Rorrie Mars (R’03)
  • James Matthews (B’08)
  • Daniel Pring (R’03)
  • Nick Rush (R’03)
  • Sam Swadling (B’07)
  • Andrew Talty (StB’08)
  • James Talty (StB’06)
  • Tom Woodman (F’07)