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2012 : City Lunch List of Attendees

The following 58 Worthians and guests attended the 2012 City Lunch :


Honorary Members and Guests :

Abbot Kevin

Fred Belcher

Evonne Gubbin

Glenn Robertson

Nick Robinson

Roger Stokes

Helen Sweetman

Olivia Henley


Worthians :


Desmond Calnan (R’69)

Terence Calnan (R’65)

Mike Clarke (G’63)

Anthony Green (C’69)

Gavin Hamilton-Deeley (R’70)

Claude Keith (G’69)

John Weguelin (C’70)

James Wheeler (C’68)



Nick Barnett (G’73)

Mark Breen (StB’76)

Richard Breen (StB’75)

Nick Butterworth (G’76)

Paul Cattermull (StB’73)

Martin Green (C’76)

Jeremy Sandle (G’74)

Mark Simpson (StB’76)

John Tate (G’76)



Mark Collini (StB’89)

Luan de Burgh (StB’84)

Sean Donnellan (StB’86)

Ben Hancock (G’90)

Chris Kenny (B’89)

Antony Legge (G’86)

James Maxwell-Scott (R’89)

Simon McMenemy (R’89)

Tim Ross (R’86)

Chris Rybak (B’85)

Matthew Scouller (G’86)



Simon Albert (G’98)

Ben Babington (G’96)

Oliver Barnett (StB’98)

Howard Brookman (G’93)

Richard Gairdner (StB’98)

Nick Kelly (R’00)

Richard Lynton-Jones (StB’97)

John-Henry Wicks (G’00)



Livio Belpassi (B’04)

Lorenzo Belpassi (B’04)

Luca Belpassi (G’01)

Charles Birchall (R’03)

Sam Burman (B’03)

Calum Butler (B’07)

Mark Corbyn (R‘04)

Giles Heather (F’03)

Mark Lane (F’03)

James Madsen (B’02)

Chris Madsen (B’04)

Rorrie Mars (R’03)

Adrian Pring (R’01)

Daniel Pring (R’03)

Christian Zaleski (StB’03)