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2010 : 30-Year Reunion Intro

2010 : 30-Year Reunion for the Class of 1975-80

On 17th September 2010, a magnificent 46 of the Class of 1975-80 gathered for drinks at The Pillars of Hercules in Soho before moving on to The Dining Room at Soho 21, 21 Old Compton Street, London W1 for a meal with Abbot Kevin, Fr Stephen and Keith Owers.  “Well, I will be honest – as I walked out of the School in July 1980 I did not look back and, as I had the whole of the rest of my life in front of me (still do actually), I set off to find out what life had in store for me; and lost contact with those 75 or so souls that I had spent up to eight years living alongside … …” read more.  Click here to see List of Attendees.