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Football 2011 Match List of Players

The following 28 Worthians played in the 2011 Football Tournament : 

  • Jake Ambridge (C’07)
  • Livio Belpassi (B’04)
  • Lorenzo Belpassi (B’04)
  • Luca Belpassi (G’01)
  • Adam Braverman (G’05)
  • Mark Breen (B’05)
  • Alonso Caro (R’06)
  • Charlie Forbes (StB’09)
  • James Henwood (C’07)
  • Stef Humphries (C’00)
  • Daniel Hyde (StB’05)
  • Mat Jeffery (C’10)
  • Ed Kemp (F’10)
  • Christian Killoughery (R’10)
  • Alex King (C’10)
  • Ryan Lall (C’10)
  • John Manning (C’10)
  • J P Matthews (B’06)
  • Mike Matthews (B’99)
  • William Neville Smith (StB’10)
  • Jack Rackham (R’05)
  • Jo Rivers (F’10)
  • James Talty (StB’06)
  • Ben Taylor (F’03)
  • Josh Taylor (B’05)
  • Harry Wake (B’10)
  • Edward Wiggins (C’06)
  • Harry Woodman (F’10)