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2011 : Inaugural Girls’ Reunion List of Attendees

The Worthian girls’ inaugural reunion in 2011 was attended by : 

  • Fiona Bond
  • Sophie Bowe
  • Jessica Coffin
  • Sarah Featherby
  • Charlotte Hart
  • Laura Hurley
  • Charlotte Hutchinson
  • Maddy Ilsley
  • Dani Jeyes
  • Catherine Jones
  • Alexandre Kinde
  • Naomi Larsson
  • Flora Macdonald
  • Zarah Manning
  • Louisa McCarthy
  • Chloe Noakes
  • Anna Webb
  • Caroline Brown
  • Fr Stephen Ortiger
  • Rebecca Paterson
  • Joanna Phillippo Nevill
  • Nikki Webb
  • Naomi Williams

Gino Carminati (for the School) and Nick Butterworth (for Worth Society) joined the girls for pre-dinner drinks