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2011 : Bluffers’ Challenge List of Attendees

The “Call My Bluff” Wine Tasting was attended by :

  • Ben Babington (G’96)
  • John Barnes (StB’06)
  • Ollie Barnett (StB‘98)
  • Charles Bellm (R’04)
  • Livio Belpassi (B’04)
  • Lorenzo Belpassi (B’04)
  • Richard Breen (StB’75)
  • Sean Buckley (G’83)
  • Nick Butterworth (G’76)
  • Robert Butterworth (StB’06)
  • Nicholas Coleridge-Watts (C’06)
  • Mark Collini (StB’89)
  • Tom Cottrell (StB’04)
  • Lorenzo Curci (B’00)
  • Ben Drummond (R’83)
  • Richard Gairdner (StB’98)
  • Alex Gazzi (R’04)
  • Simon Jones (StB’98)
  • Dominic Latham-Koenig (B’83)
  • Owen Lean (C’01)) – entertained us with his ‘magic’!
  • Marcus Lee (StB’04)
  • Chris Madsen (B’04)
  • Simon McMenemy (R’89)
  • Alex Podbury (C’04)
  • Andrew Pollen (StB’00)
  • James Pymont (B’00)
  • Eddie Robinson (B’89)
  • Guy Salimbeni (F’07)
  • Hugh Salimbeni (F’05)
  • Hugo Sanders (R’00)
  • Jeremy Sandle (G’74)
  • Nick Smyth (StB’00)