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2008 : Recent Leavers’ Reunion Review

2007 Leavers’ Recent Leavers’ Reunion

Due to the miracle of social networking that is Facebook, and Olivia Henley’s efforts, early September 2008 saw a good cohort of Worthians from the 2007 crop gathered at The Antelope pub in the heart ofLondonfor their inaugural reunion. I always felt that ours was an excellent year – ‘naughty but nice’ was how Janine Forbes-Kiely (Gervase House Matron) described the 1988-1989 harvest!  And true to that description we enjoyed a nice – and naughty evening.

All of the 40 or so Worthians present had stories to tell – from all night raves at the Full Moon Party in Thailand, to scaling the heights of Machu Pitchu in Peru.  And there were even those who had already braved the world of higher education, and had expert advice on how to deal with university life for those of us about to embark on it.  Invaluable information included:  “Just remember that you only need 40% to pass”; “Fresher’s flu is unavoidable” and “I wish I’d done less work last year!”

Personally, and I think that all present would agree, I had a great evening and it was lovely to see an eclectic mix of my colleagues from school and have an opportunity to catch up with old friends.  Unfortunately the evening became a little raucous, as certain members of the group took ‘naughty’ to heart with a performance of their favourite Australian drinking games.

Despite this, there was very positive feedback from all those involved and hopefully we’ll be able to have a repeat of the event soon. Thanks must go toNick Butterworth,Andrew Taylorand Father Kevin for joining us, and to Olivia Henley for organising the evening.

Sam Swadling (C’07)