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2008 : 10-Year Reunion Review

1998 Leavers’ 10-Year Reunion

When Worth Society suggested a reunion for 1998 Leavers’, they naturally asked for  Richard Gairdner’s assistance, who enlisted the help of myself and Ollie Barnett.  With that not proving quite enough of a draw – we entered the IT space age in a way that would have made Father Christopher proud!  And it was through Facebook and an email barrage that numbers began to rise.

The date was set for November, and planning got under way over the summer months, with the ‘committee’ convening in various locations aroundLondon. Unfortunately, not a lot could be recalled on what was actually agreed at these meetings;  nonetheless,  after a rigorous selection process, The Sugar Reef in Piccadilly was chosen as our favoured destination.  And so it was, on the 15th November 2008 – just after England had taken a hiding from the Aussies at Twickenham – the ‘98 leavers and four teachers descended on central London to re-kindle old friendships and share some great stories about ‘parades’, ‘blues’ and ‘long dorms’.

It was especially good to see some who had been in our year group but who had left in Junior House – Pasquale D’Arbella was a very close friend to many back in the early 90s, so it was just brilliant to see him again.

It really was very rewarding (and a slight relief!) to see so many people make the effort to come along, not least the teachers – Nick Robinson,Glenn Robertsonand Father Luke and Father Martin.  It was great to see them again, albeit slightly strange calling them by their first names.  (I’m sure I heard David try to attract Glenn’s attention by shouting “Sir” across the bar!). James Williamsand Alan Mitchell sent their apologies, and The Sugar Reef was understandably dismayed at this loss of significant income.

It was great to catch up with everyone again and, although things do change at the ‘old place’ with the building of a new sixth form house, conversion of the main school and the introduction of girls – some things never do change. Worth boys always know where to find the bar and how to have a good time!

The greatest measure of the success and relevance of the night was that everyone who attended said it had been too long since we had all seen one another, and that we could not possibly let another ten years pass before we arrange something similar.  I totally agree – and have already delegated responsibility for 2009’s ‘do’ to Stephen Wolseley!!

However, on a serious note I would be very happy to make such an event an annual occasion, and open it to a wider audience of Worthians.

David Micallef-Eynaud (B’98)