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2007 : Recent 2006 Leavers’ Reunion Review

2007 : Recent Leavers’ Reunion

Since leaving Worth in July 2006, when we spread to all parts of the globe, the 2006 leavers have remained in regular contact for three main reasons – our extremely sociable nature, the WOBS’ network and, last but by no means least, facebook!  Easter and Summer 2007 saw two reunions at one of WOBS’ HQ’s, The Antelope Tavern off Sloane Square, London– no map needed.

The Easter gathering was the first occasion when almost half the year was reunited.  The evening got off to a great start with a free bar (which didn’t remain so for very long!) with Matt Whitehouse chained to it, and saw a credit crunched WOBS’ Chairman exit the funding market almost as rapidly as Northern Rock. The only disappointment was the limited ability of some attendees to cope with alcohol – presumably the consequence of the ‘one beer’ parties experienced at Worth!  As a result the evening was not destined to hear the last bell, and was brought to a slightly premature ending with an unfortunately triggered fire alarm.  The attendees did, however, perform an extraordinarily orderly exit – the result of years of practice escapes to the front quad.

Our thanks to Worth Old Boys’ Society for helping to finance our first reunion!

The second reunion saw most of those unable to make the Easter event turning out, and demonstrated the hardening impact of Uni through exposure to copious quantities of white lightning, resulting in a perfect demonstration of undergraduates’ desire to stay until lights out!

Once again a very successful evening and, on reflection, you realise the great bond that Worth has created between us all.

Here’s looking forward to many more reunions!

Robert Butterworth (StB ’06)