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2011 : Worthian Girls’ Inaugural Reunion Review

The 2011 Worthian Girls’ Inaugural Reunion

The start of 2011 was greeted with the sound of excited screeching as 17 of the original 32 girls returned to enjoy a meal in the Cowdray Room. Having been treated to regular ladies’ dinners whilst at Worth, it soon felt completely natural to be enjoying school food and wine with old friends, and we were lucky enough to share the evening with many of the Staff who had worked closely with us during our two years at St Mary’s. The noise levels were testimony to the excitement we all shared at seeing each other after what had, for most people, been an incredibly busy summer and the start of University or gap years!

As we settled down to dinner, conversation centred on what had happened to us all since leaving School – and of course, reminiscing about our favourite school moments.  This was aided by the circulation of a form, asking us to give some advice for the benefit of ‘future generations’ of girls’ passing through the School.  Unfortunately, the form wasn’t circulated until late into the evening, and I fear that quite a bit of heavy censoring must have been required…!  We also enjoyed a speech written by Ms. Paterson who, unfortunately, was unable to make it to the dinner because of last minute changes to plans.

After dinner we all returned to St Mary’s for coffee, bursting noisily in on registration which left the Year 9 girls looked slightly bewildered.  We then enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with the girls’ in the year below us.  It was especially interesting to hear how the dynamics of the house had changed since the arrival of younger girls and the split between St. Mary’s (the girls’ boarding house) and St. Anne’s (the day girls’ house).

Considerable excitement ensued as Mrs Webb, matron, came in brandishing chocolate, following complaints that we missed her ‘chocolate Fridays’!  The day girls inspected their old rooms – surprised to find that one had been turned into a dormitory.

We all left having had a really lovely evening catching up with old friends and satisfied that our successors were doing a good job in keeping the St Mary’s house spirit going!

Anna Webb (StM’10)