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2010 : Inaugural Recent Leavers’ Networking Review

2010 Inaugural Worthians Recent Leavers’ Networking Evening

The inaugural Worthians Recent Leavers’ Networking Evening took place on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 at the Samuel Pepys Bar in the City.  It was an informal gathering aimed at bringing together the bright minds of Worthians already established in the City, with recent School and University leavers needing guidance in their future career decisions.

Around 30 Worthians gathered, with elder statesmen from a variety of industries – including construction, consulting, finance, insurance, law and property – to offer advice to the next generation.  As well as providing an opportunity for Worthians to catch up with familiar faces from both near (and far distant!) past, it was reassuring to see a great deal of networking taking place.  Something that struck me in particular, was the ease with which Worthians from different year groups and eras mixed, and the generosity of the more established professionals in giving both their time and advice.  Both traits struck me as particularly ‘Worthian’.

Howard Brookman made contact the following day to say, “Please extend my thanks to those involved in the organisation of the Worthians City Networking Event.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a great opportunity to be back in contact with some old friends, as well as to meet some new faces and to network.  It’s an event that I hope will be repeated in the future”.

Our aim is to make this an annual event, and we are hoping it will gain in momentum and attract increasing numbers as it becomes firmly established in the Worth Society events calendar.  We would particularly like to see more representation from recent School and University leavers in the future.

I’d like to thank all those who attended for making it such a great evening and particularly Simon McMenemy for organising the venue which offered plenty of space to mingle and offered a great view of the Thames.

Daniel Pring (R’03)