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2011 : The Bluffers’ Challenge Review

The Bluffers’ Challenge!

The third Worthian “Call My Bluff” wine tasting wine broke new ground this year whilst maintaining the deep-rooted traditions of the previous two.  So, what was new?

Well, Ben Babington managed to find us a new venue – the Prince Albert Pub on the Albert Bridge Road in Battersea.  With a private bar upstairs (to protect the SW11 locals from disturbance and shock) and some fine food to soak up all the booze, it proved to be a perfect location for us and certainly didn’t disappoint.  Surely the pub’s location – a mere stone’s throw from Ben’s house for the stuttering walk home – had no bearing on his decision!

On our arrival we were entertained by Worthian street magician, Owen Lean, who amazed us all with his show.

The bluffers were Eddie “Dobbo” Robinson, Simon McMenemy and Ben Babington who all delivered the ‘tasting’ descriptions with eloquence and charisma – even those in the wine business were fooled!  The younger Worthians were left with little, or no, wine in their spittoons (buckets to be more accurate) and displayed, in typical Worthian tradition, a fine-honed skill in the amount of alcohol they consumed, while the older crowd looked on nostalgically thinking; “I used to be able to do that”.   Some tried to recapture male machismo by laying down the challenge of “see you next year” across competing tables.

Special thanks must go to Ben for doing some mind blowing negotiation with the restaurant, meaning that we were able to double the money raised for the Worthians Charitable Trust – money that will go towards supporting good causes.  The fact that this negotiation took place right at the end of the evening was even more astounding!  Well done to you Ben.

Where our evening harked back to its firm roots, was the fun time had by everyone who attended.  This is a really inclusive event – all that’s required is a sense of humour.  Oh, and liking a few drinks comes in handy too.  We have a formula that works, so do come along to the next one and experience the atmosphere for yourself!

We hope to see more of you next time.

Eddie Robinson (B’89)