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2009 :10-Year Reunion Review

10-Year Reunion for the Class of 1994-99

Ten years have certainly passed unbelievably quickly and we haven’t changed very much – other than acquiring jobs, wives, houses and all those other things that awaited us when we left Worth as fresh-faced 18 year olds in 1999.

It came as an unwelcome surprise when I discovered – via the magic/sorcery of Facebook – that it was ten years since we had left school.  Happily a reunion was being organised by Matt Grinsted, Andrew Tjaardstra and Alex Perales, with the support of Olivia Henley, and that is how we all came to congregate at The Antelope pub near Sloane Square on Thursday 3rd September 2009 (clearly a favourite reunion haunt, as I know of various other schools with a Catholic bent have held events there of late!)

A select band of around 14 of us enjoyed several beers and some pub food while catching up with familiar, friendly faces – some of whom we had seen recently and others not at all.  Mike Matthews, now a music teacher at Worth, provided us with all the details of the big changes at Worth over the past few years as well as updating us on those teachers that are still around who taught us back in the 90s.

Various apologies were made due to the inevitable honeymoons, weddings and the like;  but those of us who did make it really enjoyed catching up with one another and reporting on the whereabouts of other members of the class of 1999 who are spread all over the place and doing a myriad of different things with their lives.

“We must meet up more often” was the general consensus as the evening drew to a close.  For me, it was particularly gratifying to find out the different paths that each of us has taken over past decade since our days at Worth, and make the welcome discovery that, despite ageing by ten years, none of us have really changed at all!

Many thanks to the organisers and see you all soon!

Alistair Myles (G ’99)