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2009 : 20-Year Reunion Review

20-Year Reunion for the Class of 1984-89

The 20-year reunion for Worthians who left in 1988 was a dinner held on Thursday 8th October 2009 at Franco’s, Jermyn Street, London SW1.

If you were a fly on the wall you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a meeting of heavyweight wrestlers (long past their best before date) or people with short term memory loss who had no recollection at all of the person sitting next to them!

There were 18 of us who re-convened on that autumn evening – and each of us had a thoroughly good time reminiscing about the ‘old days’ and catching up with recent news.  We all decided that it would have been a very good idea to have attended the ‘Become a Banker’ careers talk given during our last year at Worth and wondered if we could sue the school for poor advice.  One (nameless) attendee said that we had no defence under Statutory Limitation and he was not bothered – probably because he is now a Barrister!

We all tucked into some cracking Italian food and wine, and as the evening drew to a close we repaired into the night to go our separate ways.  A considerable volume of texts and emails followed afterwards which made very interesting reading – some of us never change eh?!?

I think the really positive thing about any Worthian reunion is that you know just what to expect – after a very short time everyone falls back into the habits and humour of their school years and you realise that everyone there played some part (however small) in your teenage years at School.  Anyone who attends a reunion is not there to re-open old wounds or to score points – simply to reconvene with old friends and enjoy an evening of fun and frivolity.  So, my advice to anyone who is ‘thinking’ about going to a Reunion of their peers, is to stop procrastinating and just go for it – you’re bound to have a good time!

There is always a common theme and, at each reunion that I have attended two particular sentiments are always voiced by the gathered group as our time together draws to a close – “We really should do this more often” and “I had a great evening which far exceeded expectations”.

Unfortunately some of our peer group were unable to make the journey to London which was a shame, while the date did not suit others.  It obviously isn’t possible to please everyone all the time, and the truth is that we would have liked more to attend – but at least there are many more of us in touch with one another now than there were before this gathering – Facebook has been particularly helpful, especially for our international contingent!

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the evening the great success that it was.  I look forward to seeing you when we’re another 10 years older – and hopefully before!

Eddie Robinson (B’89)