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2010 : 10-Year Reunion Review

10-Year Reunion for the Class of 1995-2000 

Whilst we were relatively few in number, ours proved to be quite a formidable gathering in the private room of the Antelope pub, off Sloane Square.

For some it was the first time in a decade that they had set eyes on those present – and yet still it seemed all too easy to slot back, very comfortably, into our old relationships.  Very little seemed to have changed in the intervening years;  Lorenzo Curci was still shy and retiring; Hugo Sanders still small; and Oliver Parry’s manners and etiquette still redefining refinement!

The main surprise for me, personally, was the sheer number of those present who had managed to defy the odds (set by the girls of Woldingham and St Marys) by finding a member of the fairer sex to take them on and, in some ‘extreme’ cases even to marry them!  In fact our Nordic friend, Hugo, had tied the knot just days before, and Oliver Parry a few months earlier.  Weight gain was another observation – perhaps a trend in which I have led the charge, but many others had followed, just a little less successfully.

Even though he was unable to attend, the ever succinct Peter Vere still managed to write a few thousand words for me to read out – the general gist being that he is a tax attorney in Cayman and would be more than happy to overcharge any Worthians looking to hide their assets in an offshore tax bolt!

On a more serious note, the entire evening was a real testament to the type of chap Worth produces. Everyone appeared very at ease with themselves and were forging ahead in their respective careers.  We were a disparate year, which is perhaps why we didn’t get quite the same representation as other reunion events – but with any luck, following the success of this event, that might all change in the future.

Everyone was very grateful to see Fr Martin and for his efforts in joining us to represent both the Monastic and the teaching communities of Worth.  Special thanks must also go to Olivia Henley for all her help, tolerance and drive in getting this event organised; as well as to Hugo Sanders and Francis Binney for helping me in arranging the smaller details.

The reunion continued into the small hours and the general consensus was that we should not wait another ten years before doing the same!

John-Henry Wicks (G’00)